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Welcome Strikehold Friends,

Strikehold was designed to address a specific set of issues encountered by the U.S. Military in desert warfare to clean, lubricate and protect small arms to crew-served weapons systems while minimizing the effects of dust and sand-related failures caused by all oil-based CLP's. Strikehold was purposefully designed. Using a propriety blend of ingredients that are 100% synthetic with multiple components, the issues of rust, corrosion, friction and electrical failures were addressed and solved.

The firearms business is our legacy and our support of the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian Firearms cleaning, maintenance, and preservation will always feature prominently in our plans.

Today we are rapidly expanding into new markets, that are discovering the unmatched rust and corrosion prevention benefits of Strikehold. As well, the ability of this product to greatly reduce the effects of moisture on all types of electrical components and equipment. Rust is a never-ending battle. Almost 50% of all electrical equipment, mechanical equipment and component failures are caused by rust and corrosion, costing about $276 billion annually!

These new markets are greatly expanding the global brand recognition of Strikehold. You are welcome as a Strikehold Reseller to participate in any of these markets if you have an interest or connections.

Best Regards to Everyone,

Bobby Williams
Managing Partner,
Force 5 Products, LLC. the new home of Strikehold Brands